the fable

this week I turned everything upside down and did it backwards…

………….first I made a treasury featuring my favorite theme of “the fable”…..

….then I dusted off my boyfriend Barry’s list of 15 words, which he gave to me a week or two ago….challenging myself to write a story snippet with Barry’s words to go with the treasury….

15 chosen words:

illuminate, fuzzy,
friend, brittle, hammer,
frigid, earthquake, battle, exhausted,
wire, permanent, allocation, pewter, radiant

……here’s the story snippet that I came up with. Can you find all of Barry’s words embedded in the tale?

“the fable”

she didn’t believe in fairy tales
she dismissed the legend
and the fable
until a one simple dare
made to a friend in passing

she spent the night
within the circle
of ancient standing stones
permanent fixtures
of hammered rock
witnesses to the passage of time


she woke to the frigid air
as the radiant light
of the early morning dawn
illuminated the grassy knoll

her head felt somewhat fuzzy
her body a bit brittle
and strangely exhausted
after a long deep sleep


she noticed something odd
the stones were strewn about
lying at oblique angles
as if scattered by
a powerful earthquake


she battled her disbelief
as she realized
the prehistoric circle
was in the process
of being constructed


she reached for her
protective pewter amulet
a gift from her friend
she was relieved
to still find it on its wire
and her small allocation
of food was still in its sack
as she struggled to remember
the legend
and the fable
of the standing stones
it was something about
an archer
an angel
an alchemist
and a witch….

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
weaver & wordsmith……the Weaver of Words

link to the treasury on Etsy:

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the olive grove

I love to take a pile of words, chosen by another:

free, lucky,
gift, new, clover,
wood, trust, rock, glass,
blessing, salmon, three, spice, chocolate

…………..once I have the 15 words
…………………….I use them as building blocks to create a snippet of a story…

………..the above 15 choice ones were chosen by Amy
……………………..for the 20th Peppermint Collective Scavenger Hunt

…these lovely words inspired my below treasury & story…….

……………………..can you find where each word is located within it?…..

“the olive grove”

she would spice up her afternoon
by wandering freely through
the sunny ancient olive grove
along its well worn earthen paths
created long before Roman times

on each walk she
could always trust
to find something new
a lucky talisman or two
sometimes three


gifts discovered
in clumps of clover
and the knee high summer grass

a faded salmon colored
bubbly glass bottle
hand blown
and still intact

she imagined
its skillful creation
amidst the sweat and the heat
of the flame


a fragment of carved stone
quarried centuries ago
from solid travertine

she marveled at it’s beauty
and endurance
the empire rose and fell
but the rock
still remained


a rosary delicately carved
from chocolate colored wood
worn with the blessings through time

she hoped it had brought peace
in hard times of famine, plague
and war


but most of all she wondered
if she would leave trinkets behind herself
treasures for others to discover
and wonder about in
the years to come

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……The Weaver Of Words

link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to the treasury:

link to Amy’s lovely shop:

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longing for winter

This week the words were chosen by Brittany for the 19th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt…

My treasury and story were inspired by and written using all of Brittany’s 15 chosen words: copper, leaves, indian summer, rain, drought, trees, fire, winter, lake, thirst, harvest, heat, humidity, figs, tomatoes

“longing for winter”

she longed for WINTER to come

as the last remnants of the HARVEST
still hung ripe
with the fullness
of the edge of summer
purple FIGS heavy with juice
plump TOMATOES on shriveling vines


she longed for winter to come

as the lingering HEAT of the INDIAN SUMMER
blazed in it’s final glory
and the LEAVES on the TREES
lit up the block with their COPPER FIRE


she longed for winter to come

as a heavy HUMIDITY
crept into the air
strange and exotic
from a wandering tropical storm
that had lost its way


she longed for winter to come

as a few drops of RAIN
plopped onto the dust
of the dry cracked earth
not enough to quench the THIRST
from the long hard DROUGHT
which had turned vast sparkling LAKES
into small stagnant ponds


she longed for winter to come
it felt like such a distant memory
until one morning she awoke to the chill
and she found it right
on her doorstep

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith………The Weaver Of Words

link to the treasury:

link to the PCC Scavenger Hunt game:

link to Brittany’s Shop:

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the garden gate

…here’s another story snippet & treasury….

…….these were inspired by Glenda’s 15 chosen words: winter, garden, dark, romance, ethereal, antique, rust, lace, passion, moon, feather, haunted, sepia, frost, love……

………chosen for the for the 18th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt

“the garden gate”

she could never quite explain it
ever since she was a very small child
she was HAUNTED by the memories of others
one touch of an object would reveal it’s past
through images
like a series of faded SEPIA photographs


pushing open a RUSTED GARDEN gate
in the depths of WINTER
with FROST heavy on her breath

she saw
an ink well spill
a quill with FEATHER quivering
as it scratched across a page
a letter of LOVE hastily written


she saw an ANTIQUE clock
polished bright and brassy
as it struck the midnight hour

there were LACE curtains swaying
slowly dancing
in the heat of a summer breeze


she saw
the ETHREAL glow of candle light
flickering and fluttering
illuminating a rapid flight
down the back stairs


she felt the sweat and the swelter
she felt the flutter of heart beats
quickening to the rhythm of ROMANCE
in the garden so vibrant and alive

the DARKNESS of the waning MOON
could not dim the PASSION 
the shadows could not hide
the youthful lust
of two lovers
in a secret tryst
in another time
so very

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
weaver & wordsmith…….the Weaver Of Words

link to treasury:

link to Scavenger hunt:

ink to Glenda’s lovely shop:


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the words

.…another week……

………..another delicious set of words….

……………’s my story & treasury for the 108th Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt…..

…………………………………………………….………… always it started with 15 chosen words……

….I created the following story snippet and treasury using Lynn’s choice chosen words: porch, light, twig, journal/diary, boots, dew, lake, wind, corner, key, animal, opening, gem, hood, botanical

“the words”

she needed time to think
at least that’s what she told herself
as she sat on the PORCH
in the early morning light
watching the DEW drops sparkling
tiny GEMS
adorning the wild BOTANICAL growth
clinging to TWIG and stem
as the icy WIND blew past


the truth was
she really wasn’t sure
why she bolted
like a trapped ANIMAL
heading to the LAKE
with her JOURNAL
an overnight bag
and an extra pair of BOOTS


she wasn’t sure why she was here
but she knew her writing was the KEY
the words would give her a new LIGHT of understanding
the words would help her turn the CORNER
lifting open the HOOD
to reveal what was hidden inside
OPENING her heart and her mind to her deepest truth


she just wasn’t sure
she was ready
for what she would
so deep


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……The Weaver Of Words

the-words (2)

the link to my treasury:

the link to Etsy’s Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

the link to Lynn’s lovely shop:

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the first rain

I created the following story and treasury for Etsy’s Trendsetting Treasury Team’s 107th  Scavenger Hunt… as always, I couldn’t resist a wonderful set of 15 choice chosen words…

………my story and treasury were inspired by Katerina’s lovely 15 chosen words: Cozy, Color, Fire, Welfare, Vital, Rain, Rough, Nostalgic, Animal, Building, Hands, Texture, Hospitality, Earth (or soil), Plant

“the first rain”

she loved to open the windows
and breathe in the freshness of the first RAIN of fall
sitting in her COZY window seat
by the FIRE


on rainy days
she always wondered about the ANIMALS
she was concerned about their WELFARE
did they find shelter underneath a tree?
did a generous overhang of a BUILDING extend it’s HOSPITALITY?
how did they keep dry?


she had always loved the rain
it made her feel NOSTALGIC
the rain had always
transformed the dry summer days
and she would wake to find
a wet world
adorned with glittering drops
of the liquid
that was so VITAL to life
tiny globes
sparkling with the COLOR of sunlight


she loved to catch
the rain in her HANDS

she loved the ROUGH TEXTURE
of the very few first drops
on the EARTH
PLANTING random wet spots
on the parched soil of summer


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……The Weaver Of Words

link to the Trendsetting Treasury Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to Katerina’s lovely shop:

link to treasury:

rain treasury

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I can’t resist a wonderful set of chosen words…..

Julie picked 15 wonderfully adventurous words for Etsy’s Trendsetting Team 106th Scavenger Hunt Challenge, so of course, I couldn’t let them go to waste. Here’s the story and the treasury that they inspired….

Julie’s wonderful 15 chosen words: adventure, mountain, wildlife, sky, tree, coast, waterfall, starfish, driftwood, canoe, path, backpack, marina, whale, friends


her FRIENDS knew her too well
she could never resist the call of ADVENTURE
when her BACKPACK was gone
they knew she would be headed off
to explore some new PATH
to climb an undiscovered MOUNTAIN
only to return with a WHALE of a tale


this time her journey
took her to a CANOE in a MARINA along the COAST
it was a spot randomly chosen on the map
she headed out
paddling along
a trail of worn DRIFTWOOD
polished by the sea
bobbing up and down on the gentle waves
an array of STARFISH in brilliant colors
beckoned her closer to the rocky shore


a glimpse of a WATERFALL
lured her up an inland river
where the only sound
was the twitter of birds
the rustle of WILDLIFE
and the stroke of her paddle
and her only companions
were the magnificent tall TREES
and the big, big, big
unlimited expanse of
blue SKY….


Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……..The Weaver Of Words

kate treasury

Link to treasury:

link to scavenger hunt game:

link to Julie’s lovely shop RedHorses:

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