I can’t resist a wonderful set of chosen words…..

Julie picked 15 wonderfully adventurous words for Etsy’s Trendsetting Team 106th Scavenger Hunt Challenge, so of course, I couldn’t let them go to waste. Here’s the story and the treasury that they inspired….

Julie’s wonderful 15 chosen words: adventure, mountain, wildlife, sky, tree, coast, waterfall, starfish, driftwood, canoe, path, backpack, marina, whale, friends


her FRIENDS knew her too well
she could never resist the call of ADVENTURE
when her BACKPACK was gone
they knew she would be headed off
to explore some new PATH
to climb an undiscovered MOUNTAIN
only to return with a WHALE of a tale


this time her journey
took her to a CANOE in a MARINA along the COAST
it was a spot randomly chosen on the map
she headed out
paddling along
a trail of worn DRIFTWOOD
polished by the sea
bobbing up and down on the gentle waves
an array of STARFISH in brilliant colors
beckoned her closer to the rocky shore


a glimpse of a WATERFALL
lured her up an inland river
where the only sound
was the twitter of birds
the rustle of WILDLIFE
and the stroke of her paddle
and her only companions
were the magnificent tall TREES
and the big, big, big
unlimited expanse of
blue SKY….


Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……..The Weaver Of Words


kate treasury

Link to treasury:


link to scavenger hunt game:


link to Julie’s lovely shop RedHorses:


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a box of 200 memories…

Here’s a treasury that I really enjoyed making, and wanted to share…

…if you were moving

……………and could only keep 200 memories in a box

………………………………..which ones would you chose?……

a-box-of-200-memories (3)

Here’s the link to the above treasury on Etsy; I created it for the 200th non team challenge:


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I created the following treasury and story for the 15th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt. Of course I had to play since 15 is one of my favorite numbers….and Alicja’s 15 chosen words were so enticing…..

Here’s Alicja’s wonderful 15 chosen words: fantasy, life, unusual, soft, dream, boho, geometric, strange, nature, juicy, cat, alice, funny, eco, garden

And here’s the story….


her name was Sarah
but her mother always called her ALICE


perhaps it was due to her free spirited, BOHO NATURE
perhaps it was due to her rich DREAMY FANTASY LIFE


or the STRANGE things
that she saw when she explored the GEOMETRIC maze
in their UNUSUAL low water ECO conscious GARDEN
that is where she always saw the FUNNY striped CAT
the one that no one else saw
the one that had a great big smile
perhaps that’s why her mother called her Alice

her mother always loved her JUICY stories
about getting lost in the maze
sometimes Alice encountered their nasty neighbor
her face red with rage
something about a disputed boundary
but Alice was always able to SOFTLY slip away
behind a bend in the tall bushes


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…….The Weaver Of Words


sarah (2)

link to the Etsy treasury:


link to the game on Etsy:


link to Alicja’s wonderful shop:


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what lies beyond

I created the following story & treasury for the Trendsetting Treasury Team’s 102nd Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

The treasury and the story were inspired by and created using Marci’s wonderful 15 chosen words: Jade, Patina, Fern, Quest, Sparkle, Point, Mist, Dots, Salty, Fly, Golden, Tattoo, Past, Woods, Spirit

“what lies beyond”

she could never quite resist
the lure of an unfamiliar trail
her SPIRIT was always uplifted with
each new adventure
in her QUEST to discover
what lay PAST the next bend in the path
and the next
and one more
no matter what it was
she had to know

beyond 1

this time her insatiable curiosity led her
and up
steep stony steps
overlooking the vastness of the sea
the waves a deep JADE blue green
SPARKLING with GOLDEN shimmers of light
she breathed in fully
the fresh invigorating SALTY air
watching the seabirds FLY
they were tiny DOTS
so far
so very far
down below

beyond 2

the trail led her
into an ancient WOOD
with tree trunks twisted
and gnarled with age
and down
further still
into a deep MISTY valley
except for
the drip
and the drop
heavy with dew

beyond 3

she felt the tingle
of enchantment
spreading through the air
and at her feet she found
a talisman
the dark PATINA of eons past

beyond 4

and she realized that
her curiosity
had taken her
a little too far
and at this POINT
she realized that
there was no turning back
she felt the shiver of danger
she felt the depth of the darkness
as suddenly found herself
face to face with
what lies beyond

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….. The Weaver Of Words


what-lies-beyond (2)

Link to the treasury:


Link to the Trendsetters Treasury Scavenger Hunt Game:


Link to Marci’s Lovely Shop 3pearls:


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the signs

I created the following treasury and story for the:
**** 100th Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt ****

The story snippet was inspired by and written using Lynn’s wonderful chosen words: sheer, totem, tranquil,  following, purple, a creature, alluring, weathered, marking, hush, missing, neutral, asymmetrical, time, the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, water

“the signs”

she had been FOLLOWING
the signs for days
easy to misinterpret


the signs were always there
A CREATURE crawling across the WEATHERED rock
she heard its howling call
it’s eyes glowing red in the dark
reflecting the flames of her small FIRE
she knew enough about the power of TOTEMS
not to dismiss the encounter to happenstance


she recognized the truth of the PURPLE WATER lily
with petals so SHEER and translucent
floating in the pond so incredibly ALLURING
the shades of purple turning from dark to light to dark with each step
floating in the sparkling waters
so deceptively TRANQUIL
the HUSH did not fool her
she was aware of the danger


she knew the meaning
tracks of a deer
hoof prints in the EARTHERN path
the ASYMMETRICAL pattern
revealing a hoof print that was MISSING
the signs were never NEUTRAL
this one was the most dangerous of all
she could feel it in the AIR
she knew it was TIME
to face the danger
that would come
very soon

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith… The Weaver Of Words


link to treasury:


link to the Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt Game:


link to Lynn’s shop:


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the weekend at the lake

I wrote the following story snippet and created the related treasury for Etsy’s Trendsetting Team’s 96th Scavenger Hunt.

The story was inspired by and written using Julie’s wonderful 15 words: celebration, bare foot, lake, path, sleep, ice cream, car, travel, read, picnic, hike, soda, hat, relax, heat

“the weekend at the lake”

it was a simple CELEBRATION
but that was what she needed
down to the LAKE


she brought some ICE CREAM, SODA
and a small PICNIC lunch
in her red Coleman cooler
a lawn chair, a HAT
and a good book to READ


when she arrived she took a long HIKE
along a PATH encircling the shimmering blue expanse
she left behind the stress of her city life with each step


she had no agenda pending
she had no organized plans
simply to wade BARE FOOT in the cool shallows of the lake
and to SLEEP soundly and deeply in the HEAT of the noontime sun

and for the first time in many, way too many weeks,
she felt her body and her mind
finally let go and release
and fully
and deeply

Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….. The Weaver Of Words
….give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale…..

the-weekend-at-the-lake (2)

link to treasury:


link to Etsy’s Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt Game:


link to Julie’s wonderful shop RedHorses:


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the portal

I created the following story & treasury for Etsy’s 95th Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt.

It was inspired by and written using Marci’s 15 words: Rosy, Flame, Luminous, Relic, Rhythm, Flutter, Carved, Twisted, Jest , Entrance, Stone, Drops, Fragrant , Transport , Companion

“the portal”

it started off with a simple JEST
as they were exploring a stand of ancient trees
knotted and gnarled
their TWISTED shadows
expanding in the slant of the setting sun
dwindling in the ROSY glow of the receding light


she stopped
and read to her COMPANION
a few words that were CARVED within the shadows within a hole of a trunk
lit by her small pocket lighter
the scrawled script was strangely LUMINOUS in the FLAME
“go no further” it said
“beyond the STONE ENTRANCE, there is no coming back”
at first they saw nothing
simply the same surrounding trees


in a moment of jest
he suggested they close their eyes
they felt the FLUTTER of wings
they inhaled the FRAGRANT scent of night blooming jasmine
they opened their eyes to the RHYTHM of dew DROPS
plopping on stone
under an arched stone gateway
and they realized this was no RELIC
they had been TRANSPORTED
through a portal
way back into
the past

Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…….The Weaver Of Words
…give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale….

link to Etsy’s Trendsetting Treasury’s Scavenger Hunt Game:


link to this Treasury on Etsy:


link to Marci’s Beautiful Shop 3pearls:


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