New Blog Feature: by Raquel Manuela

I’m so very honored and excited to be featured in Raquel Manuela’s blog post today!

Thank you so very much Raquel! : )

Here’s the link to the post:

15 words french letter

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This week the wonderful words came from Tiffany Dawn Smith in the 27th Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game….

Here’s Tiffany’s wonderful 15 chosen words: pastel, dress, beautiful, spring, birth, vacation, music, girl, drink, animal, paper, bliss, drama, egg, strength ….

….and here’s my treasury and tale inspired by and written using all of her words….
………………………………….can you find where they are located in this tiny snippet of a tale?


her birthday fell
on a beautiful spring day
as the drama
of the harsh winter
that made the newspaper headlines
and its palette of pastels
began to fade away


the bright brilliance
of flower buds
and robin blue eggs
dressed the woods
in all it’s finery


baby animals
at their mother’s side
announced the blissful
arrival of new life
all across
the newborn land


she felt
a surge of strength
a sense of renewal
as if she had tasted a drink
of the power
of her Aries sign
and with the music
blasting on the radio
without a destination in mind


she headed off
on a spontaneous vacation
a girl on a road trip
without a plan….

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver of Words


birthday (2)

Link to the treasury:

Link to the Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

Link to Tiffany Dawn Smith’s lovely shop:

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“the seaside cottage”

This week’s lovely words are from Kim in the Peppermint Creek Collective’s 26th Scavenger Hunt Game.

….here’s Kim’s wonderful words: Tide, Breeze, White, Calm, Summer, Melody, Seaside, Cottage, Driftwood, Warm, Inspiration, Tropical, Water, Scent, Beach

……………and here’s the story & treasury that I created…….
…………………….inspired by and using each of Kim’s 15 chosen words….

“the seaside cottage”

her inspiration
was a simple tune
a tropical melody
on the radio
it gave her a sense of calm
and a longing
for the lazy
days of summer
and the lulling sound
of the tide
rolling in
rolling out


it gave her
a longing for
warm water
and a soft breeze
seasoned with the scent
of the sea


so she packed up
her ukulele
and a few clothes
and headed off
to the seaside


to a lovely white cottage
on the edge of the beach
for a weekend
with no agenda
no plan
except to play
the ukulele
and search
for driftwood
in the sand


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…..The Weaver Of Words

the-seaside-cottage (2)

Link to the treasury:

Link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

Link to Kim’s lovely shop:

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acting as if

Just having a bit of fun with the wonderful words chosen by @wordoftheday on instagram. I used their words that they chose for the past 15 days to write the story snippet below….

Here’s their words: newel, renowned, monolith, integument, panache, furtive, whimsical, repository, array, tread, impend, acrophobia, demarcate, obliterate, enthrall

And here’s the story that I wrote using them. Can you find where all 15 words are located in the story below…..

“Acting as if”

it had all seemed
so easy
enthralled by the claims
of the renowned experts
in a burst of inspiration
she ventured forth
attempting to leap
across the demarcation line
between phobia
to fading fears
“acrophobia no more”
she muttered to herself
as she clung
to the wobbly
the single rusty post
that secured the spiral staircase
the rusty post
that was her lifeline
as she tried to sidestep
her monolith
of terror
by forcing out
a whimsical tune
from the back
of her throat
as the sweat
and slipped
her integument
rolling down
between the cleavage
of her chest
she acted as if
she was ok
she acted as if
she was just fine
she tried
a stance
of panache
as she climbed
a half-hearted
carefree tread
but with one furtive
glance downward
as the wind shook
and the metal rattled
and screeched
and screamed
an array
of possible horrors
sprung up
and her mind
became a repository
of terrors
and her
off the side
of the railing
obliterating all hope
plummeting down
into a sense
of impending doom
she made

acting as if

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver Of Words
…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale…….

……I was also inspired to create the below Etsy Treasury…

her-fear-of-falling (2)

you can find the Treasury here:

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the place from which tales are told…

It is always so exciting to get a new set of 15 words…..

…this week the words were chosen by Elizabeth for the Peppermint Creek Collective 24th Scavenger Hunt Game.

Here’s Elizabeth’s wonderful 15 words: stillness, contemplative, horizon, natural, earthy, forest, mist, glow, twilight, tranquil, vintage, warmth, soft, contentment, relax

…and here’s the story that I wrote using each word. Can you find where the words are located in the tale?


“the place from which tales are told”

as the golden glow of the sun
faded upon the horizon
and twilight softly fell
relaxing into stillness

she felt it’s pull


as the darkness of the night
filled with her with it’s tranquil peace

she sensed the secrets that it held

as the crackling fire
of her tiny vintage cottage
filled her with warmth and contentment

she was lured by the adventure that it promised


as she barely heard
the hoot
of a faraway owl
she knew she would soon be
in its irresistible spell

by a few glorious
random words
she became contemplative
as they beckoned her
to follow
they may


and as her mind
began to wander
down earthy forested paths
and the magical mist
began to rise
she held her breath
for she knew
the natural progression
of events
had just begun

the scene had been set
and the story was ready unfold
for she had just arrived
at the place where
all the tales
are told


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…. The Weaver Of Words


the-place-where-tales-are-told (3)

link to treasury:

link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to Elizbeth’s lovely shop:

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waiting for the snow

…this week the 15 words came from the wonderful shop PhotoClique for the Peppermint Creek Collective 22nd Scavenger Hunt Game…

… are the 15 wonderful chosen words: peaceful, introspective, intimate, luminous, delicate, woodsy, mood, gentle, solitude, sensitive, rustic, graceful, leaves, reflection, snow

…and here’s the story snippet that I wrote using the words. Can you find each word in the tale?

“waiting for the snow”

she took the week off
and headed to her favorite
woodsy hideaway
a rustic cottage
at the edge of the forest
for a week of solitude
for a time of intimate self reflection
and peaceful introspection
taking long naps
or long walks
sensitive to wherever her mood
wished to take her
in tune with the dance
of her internal rhythms


crunching the late fall
leaves underfoot
witnessing a graceful swan
gently unfold her great white wings
and take off in flight

all the while
and waiting
for the first

snow 2

and on the
seventh day
at twilight
in the last
of the
in a breathless
moment of stillness


the delicate
descending from
the heavens


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…The Weaver Of Words

Link to the Treasury:

Link to the PhotoClique shop:

Link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

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Blog Feature!

I’m so very excited to be featured today in the Peppermint Creek Collective Blog !

Here’s the link:

…in the post I discuss my creative process of writing custom story snippets from words chosen by other people as well as my weaving.

Thank you Tiffany, for the wonderful opportunity to share my work!!!

photo (84)

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