Treasury List Marathon!

I’ve been busy this week creating 7 Treasury Lists in 4 Days! Here they are:

Monday’s Child is Full of Wonder:

Monday’s child is full of wonder. Everything is new and amazing to her. She loves to explore and discover. Remember the wonder you felt as a child. You can feel it again, even now.

Tuesday’s Child has Not a Blunder:

Tuesday’s child has not a blunder. No faux pas here. Well maybe she’s not totally perfect but she comes pretty close to it. But then again we are all perfect as we are, wonderfully uniquely perfect even with a perceived “imperfection” or two

Wednesday’s Child is Filled with Delight:

Wednesday’s child is filled with delight. She delights in the small things, the first rays of the light of dawn, a daisy growing through a crack in the sidewalk glowing a happy yellow, the soft shimmer of candlight for an outdoor dinner on her patio.

Thursday’s Child Refuses to Fight:

Thursday’s child refuses to fight. She is at peace with herself and the world. She treats herself and others with kindness and respect. She loves animals and nature.

Friday’s Child is Filled with Joy:

Friday’s child is filled with joy! Her joy spills out in her lovely smiles. She can’t contain it. She dances, prances, twirls and swirls. She blesses everyone with her happiness and goodwill. Of course who wouldn’t be happy on Friday!

Saturday’s Child is Playful, She Loves a Toy:

Saturday’s child is playful; she loves a toy! But with her rich imagination, she doesn’t need one. She creates wonderful adventures from her mind. Be sure and spend some time to play today!

Sunday’s Child Loves to Dream:

Sunday’s child loves to imagine, she loves to dream. She knows that anything is possible, no matter what it seems.

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