The Bouncy Brambly Berry Bush

Here’s my newest silver necklace: The Bouncy Brambly Berry Bush

Bouncy Brambly Berry Bushes can only be found deep within the Faerie Realms atop the Blue Bontinana Mountain Range hidden among the swirling blue-violet mists.

bramble berry bush 016

The fairies love the Bouncy Brambly Berry Bushes. They can’t get enough of them! They love bounding up and down each bouncy branch, which has extra special bouncy bounding properties. The springy branches flip and fling the fairies high up, up, up, up and up into the air. The fairies leisurely sail through the air, spinning, twirling, whirling, spinning, twirling, and whirling.

bramble berry bush 002

Chewing on the Bouncy Brambly Berries is a stimulating sensory experience. It makes your ears pop as if you were scaling a steep mountain at high altitudes. When you crunch on them, the berries squirt a warm scented mist that smells like vanilla and honeysuckle. The Bouncy Brambly Berry Mist is known for attracting the gentle striped purpled pink bumbly buzzy bees.  The buzz of the buzzy bees sounds like a wheezy kazoo played slightly off key.  They frequently hover and swarm in the warm scented mist.

The Bouncy Brambly Berry Bush sterling silver necklace (99.9% pure silver pendant) can be found at the below link:

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