Introducing Barnaby Bittle….

First the name Barnaby Bittle popped into my head.

A few days later he squiggled out his portrait from the tip of my etching tool.

Fairy Simple TM by A Very Fairy Tale 158

A week later he told me his story in rhyme:

There once was an elf

called Barnaby Bittle,

he wasn’t very large,

he wasn’t very little,

he lived alone in the forest,

alone with his fiddle,

he loved a little jig,

he loved a little riddle,

but he felt a bit alone,

he felt a bit brittle,

till he met a little fairy

with a twirl and a twiddle,

Barnaby didn’t dawdle,

Barnaby didn’t diddle,

he professed all his love,

there was no middle,

they live happily after now,

the fairy and her Bittle,

sitting front porch she dances,

as Barnaby whittles.


To visit Barnaby in person, please click on the below link:

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