the weaver of words

the weaver of words…. weaving fibers & fables…

I’m very excited about  my new Etsy weaving shop that just opened!  Here’s a few of the weavings that can be found there….

the forest muse cotton & silk scarf

the forest muse scarf 1

Her muse was playing tricks on her again.
She led her on a weird and mysterious journey through a meadow
with tall grasses drowsily swaying, flowing in the breeze.
The texture of the wind painting its image widely across the open field.
Her muse led her into a dark wild wood, so deep and dark
it stirred within her morbid thoughts of danger and death…
…the space felt so powerful and immense, it made her feel quite fragile …
….in the depth of its silence she had a startling notion.
This wasn’t death,
this was the depths of her creative vision.
And from within this deep intimately sublime place..
the muse spoke once more…….
…………….and began to write her story…….

I had so much fun with the treasury, that I dedicated a scarf to the story that I created… see my post “scavenging words & images”… it ended up winning the challenge… so this week I picked the words…

she was of the sea, cotton blue scarf

she was of the sea scarf 1

she had always been
drawn to the sea
even as a small child
her mother always found her
looking out the western windows
the ones that faced the open sea
she could watch the waves for hours
she found their rolling motion
with its natural,
back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
like a bedtime lullaby
rocking her to sleep

and of course, “she LOVES her jeans” cotton scarf, featured in my blog post “Cheap Studio Photography in a Cheap Studio Apartment” including a link to a bonus “cheesy video”.

she LOVES her jeans cotton scarf

she loves her jeans scarf 1

she wasn’t allowed
to wear pants in school
back in the sixties
in first and second grade
maybe that’s what did it
she remembers the day that changed
she remembers that day clearly
a day of liberation
a day of freedom
that day she wore her
first pair of jeans
but it definitely wasn’t her last

……….all these scarves and more can be found at my new shop: “The Weaver Of Words”

Please stop by and say hi if you get the chance

blue white cotton linen scarf 001 (2)

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