this is such a fun challenge, I simply couldn’t resist BB’s wonderful words and jewelry…

..here’s the story snippet that I created based on her words….

Using BB’s lovely jewelry:  www.etsy.com/shop/BBTAR and BB’s lovely words: Light, Texture, Flower, Industrial, Ceramic, Smile, Ink, Train, Rock and Roll, Bird, Metal, Divine, Bottle, Shadow, Surreal

using all the words….

Her journey began on the midnight TRAIN with the rattling of her CERAMIC coffee cup and clack of METAL as it hurled through TEXTURED flashes of INDUSTRIAL LIGHT and SHADOW at SURREAL speeds.


Like a BOTTLE rocket blasting toward the sky, like a BIRD of prey plummeting toward the earth, she felt powerful & exhilarated, as if she could touch the DIVINE.


She didn’t know her destination, only that she must go. It was her time to FLOWER, her time to ROCK and ROLL. She had INKed a unbreakable contract with herself to be untamed, wild & fancy-free. She couldn’t help but SMILE.

to see this Etsy treasury, click on the below link


to check out this fun challenge from the Trendsetting Treasury Team click on the below link


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