a good fairy tale gone bad

I love playing Etsy’s weekly Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt game!  The prior week’s winner provides 15 words + a shop, and the contestants create a treasury with an item from the shop and items/images from the Etsy website that match the 15 words.

…………I always love to take it one step further and write a snippet of a story, to accompany the treasury, using the 15 chosen words………………………………………

This week I couldn’t resist Lisa’s wonderful shop & wonderful words…

Lisa’s shop: www.etsy.com/shop/NouveauTique?ref=pr_shop_more

Lisa’s words: Spiral, Flicker, Crack, Delicate, Promise, Depth, Scale, Down, Gaze, Whisper, Sheer, Reach, Bite, Pattern, Time

Here’s my snippet of a story & the treasury that I created based on her words:

“A Good Fairy Tale Gone Bad”

She thought it so odd. The wavering PATTERNS of DELICATE CRACKS in the SHEER stone wall that drew her GAZE. It was in the FLICKER of a moment; just before she felt the push, before she felt herself falling, SPIRALLING DOWNWARD off the edge of the tower.


She desperately REACHED for some sort of anchor. For a fleeting moment she believed she could rise from the DEPTHS of her plunge to SCALE the rocky, fortified walls.
She remembered his last words, at the TIME she had thought it was a PROMISE of some sort “..think of it as an adventure” he WHISPERED to her as he handed her the red apple, asking her to take a BITE.

………..This wasn’t her happy ending, but she was okay with that.
………………………She knew he would get his, bad karma in this life or the next.

Here’s the treasury on Etsy:

If you are interested in having a custom “story snippet” of your own,
please see the below link:


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1 Response to a good fairy tale gone bad

  1. tanglecrafts says:

    Great idea for a challenge, and love your fairytale. 🙂

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