falling leaves

There’s something about the fall. When the cold chill air creeps into the lingering heat of summer, signaling the turning of the seasons, signaling the slow descent into winter.

Fall always seem to be a time of reflection for me. Of looking within. Of looking back. Of remembering my childhood walking to school, leaves crunching underfoot. Of snuggling deep within the warmth of my woolen blankets against the chill of the night.

I was inspired by fall to create my newest scarf, it’s called:

falling leaves natural woolen scarf

fall was always
a time of
for her
a time
of peace
of quiet
even with
leaves crunching
it always
brought back
memories of childhood
of walking to school
in the chilly air
of bedtime stories told
as the wind raged outside
and branches
clattered and scratched
at the windows
while she was safe
snuggled deep
within her warm

falling leaves 1

this is one of my favorite blazers, its sort of ruffle-ly and feminine

falling leaves 2

you can find this scarf at:


falling leaves 3

in my shop:


falling leaves 4

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1 Response to falling leaves

  1. rommel says:

    I like summer but I dont like being in the heat. I love winter but I dont like too much cold. I do not want to live in areas where there’s snow during winter. I like fall and spring because they are in between. 🙂

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