the rower

I love playing Etsy’s weekly Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt game!  The prior week’s winner provides 15 words + a shop, and the contestants create a treasury with an item from the shop and items/images from the Etsy website that match the 15 words.

…………I always love to take it one step further and write a snippet of a story, to accompany the treasury, using the 15 chosen words………………………………………

This week I couldn’t resist Valerie’s wonderful shop & wonderful words…

Written using all of Valerie’s wonderful words:

Linear, Moonlit, Critter, Luxury, Musical, Polished, Bridge, Comical, Organic, Marsh, Tactile, Southern, Graphic, Vision, Diabolical..

the rower

as far as she was concerned,
it was all part of a COMICAL, DIABOLICAL plan
that she wanted no part of
her logical LINEAR mind,
her carefully POLISHED words,
all of her charms
all ORGANIC to her nature
were a LUXURY at best
they all leapt out the window
when she saw him
she stammered, she stuttered, she stared


a VISION of beauty
broad shouldered and bare chested,
rowing across the MOONLIT MARSHES
even the CRITTERS were hushed
in awe she said
as he crossed the calm waters
his oar dipped and dripped
and drew on
if only she could BRIDGE
her authentic nature
with her gut reactions
her TACTILE, GRAPHIC desires
perhaps then
perhaps then
perhaps then….


Link to the Etsy treasury:

Link to the game:

Link to Valerie’s wonderful shop:

If you are interested in having a custom “story snippet” of your own,
please see the below link:

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