the enchanted seeds

I love playing Etsy’s weekly Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt game!  The prior week’s winner provides 15 words + a shop, and the contestants create a treasury with an item from the shop and items/images from the Etsy website that match the 15 words.

…………I always love to take it one step further and write a snippet of a story, to accompany the treasury, using the 15 chosen words………………………………………

I wrote this story for the 62nd challenge using all of Amy’s enchanting 15 words: Leader, Heart, Aquatic, Grateful, Lunch, Cosmic, Hidden, Playful, Trust, Lucky, Light, Star, Teeth,

the enchanted seeds

she was GRATEFUL for the legend,
for it had given the town hope
it had given the town HEART
a FRINGE benefit of the myth,
imbedded with a few LUCKY clues
of finding the HIDDEN seeds
of the enchanted pomegranate tree
that would save the village
from its descent
into a season of eternal winter
it was all a part of the larger COSMIC plan
she had been dealt the PLAYFUL hand of fate
she who was born
under the glittering glow
of the rising northern STAR
on the blackest of black nights
as the light turned
in the depths of darkness
during the winter solstice

the legends foretold
she would return the stolen LIGHT
the circumstances of her birth
enlisted her into SERVICE,
named her the journey’s LEADER
she knew must TRUST herself
on this lone AQUATIC journey
for the legends told of the tree
across the vast uncharted sea

she knew this was a test of courage
for she couldn’t even swim
and being alone and adrift
across the deep dark depths of the ocean blue
was her only and greatest fear

she set her TEETH and cast out
way out, onto the enormous open sea
determined not to become
the LUNCH of the great sea serpent
determined to find the
enchanted pomegranate seeds.

The link to the Etsy Treasury:

The link to this Etsy Trendsetting Treasury game:

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