nighttime revelries

I love playing Etsy’s weekly Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt game! The prior week’s winner provides 15 words + a shop, and the contestants create a treasury with an item from the shop and items/images from the Etsy website that match the 15 words.
…………I always love to take it one step further and write a snippet of a story, to accompany the treasury, using the 15 chosen words………………………………………

I wrote this story for the 67nd challenge using all of Lisa’s wonderful 15 words: Flutter, Sharp, Path, Spin, Glow, Carnival, Box, Sugar, Hold, Circle, Distant, Moon, Turn, Mask, String.

Can you find where each of Lisa’s 15 words are embedded in the below tale?

nighttime revelries

it always occurred on
the first turning of the moon
as it began its descent
from a glowing circle of fullness
into a distant mask of darkness
the path through the wood
was harder to see then
in one hand
she would hold a sturdy
string to find her way
along the sharp twists and turns
her heart fluttering
with excitement
in the other hand she
clutched a box of sugar
as a gift, an offering
to the fairies carnival
held inside a wild ring of mushrooms
alight with spinning, sparkling lights
alive with their lively dancing & prancing,
exuberant faerie revelries
hidden deep
within a grassy clearing
hidden deep
within the enchanted


the link to the Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt on Etsy:


the link to my Treasury Etsy:

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