…to believe…………………….

I love playing Etsy’s weekly Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt game!

The prior week’s winner provides 15 words + a shop, and the contestants create a treasury with an item from the shop and items/images from the Etsy website that match the 15 words.

…………I love to take it one step further and write a snippet of a story, to accompany the treasury, using the 15 chosen words………………………………………

I wrote this story “snippet” for the 68nd challenge….

…..using all of Gayle’s wonderful 15 words: Shadow, Heart, Kiss, Dog, Balloon, Window, Forest, Bubble, Seashell, Paris, Legs, Distressed, Key, Arch, Map

…………to believe………………..

She was trying to make it to PARIS without a MAP, that’s where the trouble began.

She had ordered one of those do-it-yourself hot air BALLOONS, on a WHIM as she was WINDOW shopping at the small seaside port. The instructions said the KEY to getting where you want, is to believe with all your HEART.

As she inflated the BUBBLE of hope that would take her to the city across the sea, she couldn’t help but beam. The instructions said it had the LEGS to go the distance.


So she set off the next day. And although she had believed with all her might, all she saw was FOREST and more forest as the wind blew her North. She felt her purchase of the hot air ballon had been a DOG.

Deeply DISTRESSED and ready to KISS her dreams goodbye, she realized that, the culprit was her lingering disbelief, deep down she knew she harbored a slight sliver of a SHADOW of a doubt.


She decided to completely let go. To believe, even though the wind continued to blow her North. To believe, even if she was going the wrong way.

She awoke the next morning to the sound of wind, it reminded her of her childhood and the sound that she heard inside SEASHELLS. She looked down out of the basket of the ballon and saw the vastness of the sea.

The next morning she awoke to a gentle breeze and the sunrise glinting across a Parisian ARCH as the city began its morning bustle and hustle.

Here’s the link to the treasury that I created for this challenge:


Here’s a link to the game:


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