a place called home

I created the following treasury and wrote the following story for the 79th Etsy Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger hunt challenge….

……..using all of Lauryn’s wonderful 15 words: agriculture, ax, barrel, bonnet, build, candle, dig, dry goods, embrace, preserve, quilt, settle, sew, straw, tin

a place called home

it was a hard life
nothing like the city life she had always known
they had traveled far out west to SETTLE
where the land was fertile
and the AGRICULTURE flourished
they found a plot near the base of a Western mountain range
and with an AX, a hammer and a mule
her young husband
BUILT a new log cabin and a new life

she wore her determination with her store bought city BONNET
grasping at STRAWS as she wrestled with a TIN hoe
trying to DIG a small herb garden in the back
her husband purchased a large rain BARREL from the DRY GOODS store to ensure water for her small crop
the blisters on her hands turned to callouses
as she learned CANDLE making, canning PRESERVES and SEWING
from her weekly QUILTING group


one day a letter arrived from her sister
they were given the chance to return to the big city
as she considered the move she felt her heart sink
and she realized she could not part with
the close knit community
the wild open spaces
even the struggles
were now such a part of who she was
and she realized she had fully EMBRACED
the frontier life
and she couldn’t bear to leave
it was now the only place
she could truly call

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith
The Weaver Of Words…. weaving fibers & fables

WOW b card on loom photo (2)

Here’s the link to the Etsy treasury


here’s the link to the trendsetting treasury team’s scavenger hunt 79th challenge:


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