the sweven

I can never pass up a wonderful list of words…so when Gwen of the Esty Flash Mob Team defined the theme of this week’s Flash Mob Treasury contest as a tribute to “underused words”, I knew I had to write a story using 15 of those neglected words.

So here’s the treasury and the story. It helps to print out Gwen’s blog post to refer to the definitions at

…the story was written using 15 of Gwen’s “underused” words from her blog post :  alate, brontide, effulgent, eonian, farrago, ferly, horripilation, nugatory, peccable, petrichor, pluviophile, saturnine, sweven, taradiddle, welkin

“the sweven”

it was just a horrendous dream,
simply a SWEVEN,
a night time vision
or so she tried to tell herself
as she woke with a FERLY jolt
her heart pounding in a horrendous HORRIPILATION
her mind a furious FARRAGO of fear
it was just a dream she told herself again
but her whispered words rang hollow
a NUGATORY attempt to battle
the overwhelming enormity of her greatest fear


she had always  been a great believer of signs
her belief became stronger as her dreams became prophetic
this time she dreamt of looking up
into the lovely SATURNINE WELKIN
up into the great gray expanse of sky
as she did she felt a surge of ALATE, a buoyancy
as if she was lifted upon the wings of angels
into a blinding light, an EFFULGENT gleam
and she knew it was the sun


she screamed a dream scream for she knew
as the dreamer knows with dream knowledge
that the sun would shine on for an EONIAN or more
and the rain would simply fade away
her greatest fear would come to pass
for she was a PLUVIOPHILE at heart
never did a day pass without a longing for rain
she need the rain
she forever yearned for the fresh smell
the PETRICHOR that filled the air
as the drops cleansed the earth
and cleansed the sins from her PECCABLE nature

Slide1 (3)

she listened intently in the stillness of the night
listening for a sound
hoping against hope to disprove her sunny vision
seen so deeply within the darkness of the night
her heart skipped a beat
as she heard a BRONTIDE rumble in the distance
bring rain she whispered
I need it now

written for fun by Susan Eileen Jizba,
Weaver & Wordsmith The Weaver Of Words…..weaving fibers & fables Link to this Flash Mob Treasury on Etsy: Link to the Flash Mob Team on Etsy:

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2 Responses to the sweven

  1. john f masero says:

    The art of a gifted wordsmith. The things unknown about a person, once revealed, can be, and for this author are, impressive.

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