a gift from the sea

I created the following story and treasury for the Etsy Trendsetting Team’s 80th Scavenger Hunt Challenge….

Inspired by and written using all of Kim’s wonderful 15 words: neutral,  sand,  rustic, nature, driftwood, compass, salt, ceramic, textile, wish, dreamy, marine, towel, whale, breeze

“a gift from the sea”

she had always been drawn to the sea
she kept her window open at night so she could breathe in
the SALTY waves on the evening BREEZE

as a small child she would wander down the sandy path
dragging her favorite blue beach TOWEL behind her
her internal COMPASS always led her to the shore


her mother always told her that she had a DREAMY NATURE
she could sit on the SAND for hours
watching the waves roll in and roll out
sometimes spotting the spout of a passing WHALE

she loved to pick up DRIFTWOOD along the beach
choosing just the right one
with an interesting knot shaped as a face
or an enchanted fairy hole
found within the worn wood
she imbued each branch with a whispered WISH
before hurling it back into the sea

Slide1 (2)

the sea was never NEUTRAL
it always provided some sort of response
within a day or perhaps a week
it would return sunken treasures
washing up a vintage TEXTILE
a cracked CERAMIC dish with a faded cluster of roses

Slide1 (3)

and on one windy weekend in May
the sea washed up something quite extraordinary
a bottle with a message
that would change
her entire life

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith, The Weaver of Words

link to treasury

link to the Trendsetting Team’s Scavenger Hunt Game

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