the island

Here’s this week’s story and treasury inspired by the 81 Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt:

Here’s the story that I wrote using JooniJewelry’s 15 chosen words:
dark, surreal, mysterious, bird, spiky, light, dress, window, tree, abandoned, flowers, moody, secret, heels, lips

“the island”

she knew she never should have
looked out the WINDOW
on the island across the bay
but the SECRET intrigued her
it was the whisper that was always on the LIPS
of the MOODY villagers

island 1

the moment that she turned her HEELS
and headed for the harbor
the tiny seaside village
gasped and gawked
and watched
as she headed out in a small dingy
the harbor master made her buy the boat
he wasn’t convinced she’d make it back

island 2

as she rowed across the water
she felt a sudden chill
shivering in her warm wintry woolen coat and white DRESS
it felt too LIGHT for this perilous adventure

island 3

as she reached the shore
she was greeted by a DARK BIRD
its enormous eyes as black as night
it watched her closely
as it’s talons tightened around a burnt branch
of a charred TREE
its SPIKY skeletal structure silhouetted
against the surreal landscape

island 4

there were no FLOWERS blooming
on this lonely island
there were no souls left
to tell the tales of what had passed
there were no souls to speak of the prophesies
that told of what was still
yet to come

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith, The Weaver of Words…weaving fibers & fables
15 words

Link to the treasury:

Link to Jooni Jewelry:

Link to the Trendsetting Treasury’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

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