the wish

I wrote the following story for the 86th Etsy Trendsetting Treasury Scavenger Hunt Game for Korinne inspired by and using all of her lovely 15 chosen words: sugar, champagne, toes, birthday, white, dance, reflection, table, Paris, sparkle, Bohemian, fire, lavender, midnight, cat

Happy Birthday Korinne !!!

“the wish”

on the eve of her BIRTHDAY
she received a mysterious package containing
a bottle of vintage CHAMPAGNE
a small WHITE birthday cake topped
with the words “wish” written in SUGAR
and a ring of LAVENDER candles
it was left on her kitchen TABLE
with an elegant handwritten note
“wish only, for what you truly desire” it said

wish 1

she felt a rush power in the words
she carefully considered her wish
as her BOHEMIAN spirit flung caution & wanderlust into the wind
and as she lit each candle
she watched the flames DANCE
REFLECTIONS of FIRE upon the bottle of champagne

wish 2

she closed her eyes
stood up on the tip of her TOES
and blew out all the candles
she felt the room shift and spin

wish 3
she felt a cold breeze
she heard CAT purr as it curled around her leg
and she opened her eyes

wish 4

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith
The Weaver Of Words….weaving fibers & fables


link to treasury:

link to game:

Link to Korrine’s shop, Laughing Dog Studio:


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