in search of the faeries

I created the below treasury & story for the 93rd Etsy Trendsetting Treasury’s Scavenger Hunt….

Inspired by and written using Sinead’s wonderful 15 words: Misty, Juniper, Lake, Illuminated, Lantern, Garden, Green, Reclaimed, Burlap, Rustic, Chair, Botanical, Wings, Druzy, Succulent

“in search of the faeries”

She had heard the legends
that the land had been RECLAIMED
from the MISTY magic of the fay realm
hundreds of years ago
but she didn’t quite believe that was entirely true
as she clutched her DRUZY quartz talisman
she had programmed it with the intention of fairy sight
for the ability to see those otherworldly sprites of the BONTANICAL realm

in search of the fairies

her grandmother had the gift
all the way from the CHAIR on her creaky RUSTIC porch
even as her eyesight grew cloudy and dim
she could still see the fairies dancing in the GARDEN
in their GREEN caps and BURLAP clothes
prancing past the rows of potted SUCCULENTS

in search of the fairies 2

she thought of her beloved grandmother
as she headed past twisted and gnarled JUNIPER trees
her LATERN ILLUMINATED the earthern path
in the approaching twilight
the expansive LAKE far far below
shimmered with the final shards of sunlight
she paused , stilling her breath, stilling her heartbeat
listening for the whisper of tiny WINGS…..

link to the treasury:

link to the game:

link to Sinead’s lovely shop IrishVikingDesigns:

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