the signs

I created the following treasury and story for the:
**** 100th Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt ****

The story snippet was inspired by and written using Lynn’s wonderful chosen words: sheer, totem, tranquil,  following, purple, a creature, alluring, weathered, marking, hush, missing, neutral, asymmetrical, time, the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, water

“the signs”

she had been FOLLOWING
the signs for days
easy to misinterpret


the signs were always there
A CREATURE crawling across the WEATHERED rock
she heard its howling call
it’s eyes glowing red in the dark
reflecting the flames of her small FIRE
she knew enough about the power of TOTEMS
not to dismiss the encounter to happenstance


she recognized the truth of the PURPLE WATER lily
with petals so SHEER and translucent
floating in the pond so incredibly ALLURING
the shades of purple turning from dark to light to dark with each step
floating in the sparkling waters
so deceptively TRANQUIL
the HUSH did not fool her
she was aware of the danger


she knew the meaning
tracks of a deer
hoof prints in the EARTHERN path
the ASYMMETRICAL pattern
revealing a hoof print that was MISSING
the signs were never NEUTRAL
this one was the most dangerous of all
she could feel it in the AIR
she knew it was TIME
to face the danger
that would come
very soon

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith… The Weaver Of Words


link to treasury:

link to the Trendsetting Treasury Team’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to Lynn’s shop:

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