what lies beyond

I created the following story & treasury for the Trendsetting Treasury Team’s 102nd Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

The treasury and the story were inspired by and created using Marci’s wonderful 15 chosen words: Jade, Patina, Fern, Quest, Sparkle, Point, Mist, Dots, Salty, Fly, Golden, Tattoo, Past, Woods, Spirit

“what lies beyond”

she could never quite resist
the lure of an unfamiliar trail
her SPIRIT was always uplifted with
each new adventure
in her QUEST to discover
what lay PAST the next bend in the path
and the next
and one more
no matter what it was
she had to know

beyond 1

this time her insatiable curiosity led her
and up
steep stony steps
overlooking the vastness of the sea
the waves a deep JADE blue green
SPARKLING with GOLDEN shimmers of light
she breathed in fully
the fresh invigorating SALTY air
watching the seabirds FLY
they were tiny DOTS
so far
so very far
down below

beyond 2

the trail led her
into an ancient WOOD
with tree trunks twisted
and gnarled with age
and down
further still
into a deep MISTY valley
except for
the drip
and the drop
heavy with dew

beyond 3

she felt the tingle
of enchantment
spreading through the air
and at her feet she found
a talisman
the dark PATINA of eons past

beyond 4

and she realized that
her curiosity
had taken her
a little too far
and at this POINT
she realized that
there was no turning back
she felt the shiver of danger
she felt the depth of the darkness
as suddenly found herself
face to face with
what lies beyond

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….. The Weaver Of Words

what-lies-beyond (2)

Link to the treasury:

Link to the Trendsetters Treasury Scavenger Hunt Game:

Link to Marci’s Lovely Shop 3pearls:

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