I created the following treasury and story for the 15th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt. Of course I had to play since 15 is one of my favorite numbers….and Alicja’s 15 chosen words were so enticing…..

Here’s Alicja’s wonderful 15 chosen words: fantasy, life, unusual, soft, dream, boho, geometric, strange, nature, juicy, cat, alice, funny, eco, garden

And here’s the story….


her name was Sarah
but her mother always called her ALICE


perhaps it was due to her free spirited, BOHO NATURE
perhaps it was due to her rich DREAMY FANTASY LIFE


or the STRANGE things
that she saw when she explored the GEOMETRIC maze
in their UNUSUAL low water ECO conscious GARDEN
that is where she always saw the FUNNY striped CAT
the one that no one else saw
the one that had a great big smile
perhaps that’s why her mother called her Alice

her mother always loved her JUICY stories
about getting lost in the maze
sometimes Alice encountered their nasty neighbor
her face red with rage
something about a disputed boundary
but Alice was always able to SOFTLY slip away
behind a bend in the tall bushes


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…….The Weaver Of Words

sarah (2)

link to the Etsy treasury:

link to the game on Etsy:

link to Alicja’s wonderful shop:

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