I can’t resist a wonderful set of chosen words…..

Julie picked 15 wonderfully adventurous words for Etsy’s Trendsetting Team 106th Scavenger Hunt Challenge, so of course, I couldn’t let them go to waste. Here’s the story and the treasury that they inspired….

Julie’s wonderful 15 chosen words: adventure, mountain, wildlife, sky, tree, coast, waterfall, starfish, driftwood, canoe, path, backpack, marina, whale, friends


her FRIENDS knew her too well
she could never resist the call of ADVENTURE
when her BACKPACK was gone
they knew she would be headed off
to explore some new PATH
to climb an undiscovered MOUNTAIN
only to return with a WHALE of a tale


this time her journey
took her to a CANOE in a MARINA along the COAST
it was a spot randomly chosen on the map
she headed out
paddling along
a trail of worn DRIFTWOOD
polished by the sea
bobbing up and down on the gentle waves
an array of STARFISH in brilliant colors
beckoned her closer to the rocky shore


a glimpse of a WATERFALL
lured her up an inland river
where the only sound
was the twitter of birds
the rustle of WILDLIFE
and the stroke of her paddle
and her only companions
were the magnificent tall TREES
and the big, big, big
unlimited expanse of
blue SKY….


Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……..The Weaver Of Words

kate treasury

Link to treasury:

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