the garden gate

…here’s another story snippet & treasury….

…….these were inspired by Glenda’s 15 chosen words: winter, garden, dark, romance, ethereal, antique, rust, lace, passion, moon, feather, haunted, sepia, frost, love……

………chosen for the for the 18th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt

“the garden gate”

she could never quite explain it
ever since she was a very small child
she was HAUNTED by the memories of others
one touch of an object would reveal it’s past
through images
like a series of faded SEPIA photographs


pushing open a RUSTED GARDEN gate
in the depths of WINTER
with FROST heavy on her breath

she saw
an ink well spill
a quill with FEATHER quivering
as it scratched across a page
a letter of LOVE hastily written


she saw an ANTIQUE clock
polished bright and brassy
as it struck the midnight hour

there were LACE curtains swaying
slowly dancing
in the heat of a summer breeze


she saw
the ETHREAL glow of candle light
flickering and fluttering
illuminating a rapid flight
down the back stairs


she felt the sweat and the swelter
she felt the flutter of heart beats
quickening to the rhythm of ROMANCE
in the garden so vibrant and alive

the DARKNESS of the waning MOON
could not dim the PASSION 
the shadows could not hide
the youthful lust
of two lovers
in a secret tryst
in another time
so very

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
weaver & wordsmith…….the Weaver Of Words

link to treasury:

link to Scavenger hunt:

ink to Glenda’s lovely shop:


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