longing for winter

This week the words were chosen by Brittany for the 19th Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt…

My treasury and story were inspired by and written using all of Brittany’s 15 chosen words: copper, leaves, indian summer, rain, drought, trees, fire, winter, lake, thirst, harvest, heat, humidity, figs, tomatoes

“longing for winter”

she longed for WINTER to come

as the last remnants of the HARVEST
still hung ripe
with the fullness
of the edge of summer
purple FIGS heavy with juice
plump TOMATOES on shriveling vines


she longed for winter to come

as the lingering HEAT of the INDIAN SUMMER
blazed in it’s final glory
and the LEAVES on the TREES
lit up the block with their COPPER FIRE


she longed for winter to come

as a heavy HUMIDITY
crept into the air
strange and exotic
from a wandering tropical storm
that had lost its way


she longed for winter to come

as a few drops of RAIN
plopped onto the dust
of the dry cracked earth
not enough to quench the THIRST
from the long hard DROUGHT
which had turned vast sparkling LAKES
into small stagnant ponds


she longed for winter to come
it felt like such a distant memory
until one morning she awoke to the chill
and she found it right
on her doorstep

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith………The Weaver Of Words

link to the treasury: https://www.etsy.com/treasury/MzMzNjUyNDV8MjcyNDMxNjAyOQ/longing-for-winter?ref=pr_treasury

link to the PCC Scavenger Hunt game:

link to Brittany’s Shop:

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1 Response to longing for winter

  1. AC says:

    All the shops you mentioned seem so pretty !
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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