the fable

this week I turned everything upside down and did it backwards…

………….first I made a treasury featuring my favorite theme of “the fable”…..

….then I dusted off my boyfriend Barry’s list of 15 words, which he gave to me a week or two ago….challenging myself to write a story snippet with Barry’s words to go with the treasury….

15 chosen words:

illuminate, fuzzy,
friend, brittle, hammer,
frigid, earthquake, battle, exhausted,
wire, permanent, allocation, pewter, radiant

……here’s the story snippet that I came up with. Can you find all of Barry’s words embedded in the tale?

“the fable”

she didn’t believe in fairy tales
she dismissed the legend
and the fable
until a one simple dare
made to a friend in passing

she spent the night
within the circle
of ancient standing stones
permanent fixtures
of hammered rock
witnesses to the passage of time


she woke to the frigid air
as the radiant light
of the early morning dawn
illuminated the grassy knoll

her head felt somewhat fuzzy
her body a bit brittle
and strangely exhausted
after a long deep sleep


she noticed something odd
the stones were strewn about
lying at oblique angles
as if scattered by
a powerful earthquake


she battled her disbelief
as she realized
the prehistoric circle
was in the process
of being constructed


she reached for her
protective pewter amulet
a gift from her friend
she was relieved
to still find it on its wire
and her small allocation
of food was still in its sack
as she struggled to remember
the legend
and the fable
of the standing stones
it was something about
an archer
an angel
an alchemist
and a witch….

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
weaver & wordsmith……the Weaver of Words

link to the treasury on Etsy:

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