the minstrel

…this week’s words came from Patty in the Peppermint Creek Collective’s 30th Scavenger Hunt Game…

…Here’s Patty’s wonderful 15 chosen words:

Cloud, River, Sunrise, Island, Sailing, Music, Bohemian, Bird, Stars, Tree branch, Moss, Cotton, Promise, Forgive, Love

….and here’s the treasury that I created and the tale that I told using her chosen words….

………………………………….can you locate each word within the tale?……


“the minstrel”

her roof
was a scattering of stars
her walls
an envelope of tree branches
her floor
a blanket of moss


like the cycles
and sunset
like the steady flow of the great river
like the cotton fluffs of the ever changing clouds
………islands of mist sailing past in the great expanse of blue sky……….

she could never be contained


she could never linger
in one place
for very long
before a new adventure
tugged upon
her curiosity
she always followed
the whims and wanderings
of her Bohemian soul


she was known simply as
the minstrel
across the land
and they came
from far and wide
to listen

she inspired the promise of true love
and the grace of forgiveness
in her ballads
with a musical voice
that could soar
than the

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……..The Weaver Of Words

link to treasury:

link to game:

link to Patty’s lovely shop:

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