…once again this week’s words came from the Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt……

…here’s Eugenia’ s wonderful 15 chosen words: hope, spring, depth, sharing, portrait, pottery, tribal, floral/flowers, mixed media, vivacious, unworldly, witty, quietude, grass, ebullience

……and here’s the story that I wrote with her inspiring words…..


she only saw it once
as a child
in the back of a dusty antique shop
but the depth of the connection
haunted her

Slide1 (2)

an unworldly portrait
hanging in a deceptive state
of quietude
unleashing a fury of emotions within her
an image so primal and tribal
yet calmly ethereal
conveying the ebullience of spring
of newborn flower buds bursting into color
of hills filled with an expanse of verdant grass
the portrait filled her with hope
of the earthly promise of resurrection


unable to find the painting
as an adult
she tried to recreate
the  vivacious feeling
by sharing it through her art
through pottery
through mixed media
through witty words


one day
at an art opening
in a deceptive state
of quietude
she realized the true gift
of the portrait

standing in a gallery
surrounded by her own sublime creations
she felt a surge of profound emotions
uplifted and buoyant
in complete harmony with
the transcendent
of life


Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith……….The Weaver Of Words

link to the treasury:

link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to Eugenia’ s shop:

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