Desert Journeys

I wrote the following story for the Nomad SpiRit, Orly at Primitive Tribal Craft…you can check out her wonderful shop at:

…the gorgeous haunting song “Desert Rose” by Sting kept playing through my mind as I wrote this. I can still hear in now….

“Desert Journeys”

the wise women
taught her the ancient ways
how to find the plants that were rare as rain
with fibers strong
and sparkling with magic


they taught her
how to spin thread
that sung the songs
of the untamed desert
they taught her
how to weave into cloth
that shifted like the sands rippled by the wind
that spoke the language of the desert
shouting the fury
of a raging sand storm
murmuring the silence of a mirage
shimmering in the noontime heat
whispering the lullaby
of a windless clear cloudless night
under the dark sky
with an expanse of stars


they taught her how to infuse the fibers
her heart
her soul
and her love of the desert
so that the wearer of the cloth
could find their way
through the desert sands


following a path


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver Of Words

link to treasury:

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