…..once again the wonderful words came from Etsy’s Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game….

…the treasury and story were created using Carolina’s 15 chosen words: music, body, line, fluid, face, energy, graphics, wall, mulberry tree, tracks, gold, book, trip, together, New York


she remembered him
in bits and pieces
like shattered shards
reflections from the glass of a mirror


their first trip together to New York
the music that they found
in second hand stores
discovering new favorites together
among the tracks of the past


the lazy summer day
under the shifting shade
of a mulberry tree
he read to her from his book
as she traced the fluid lines
of his youthful body
with the light touch of her finger
she knew the one tiny spot
on the side of his lovely face
that was ticklish
next to the curl of his golden hair


and the wall
in his apartment
a wall that became
their wall
filled with doodles and day dreams
art and graphics
that they painted
and drew upon the surface
in a space that held
the energy of their love
and the unspeakable
sorrows of the past


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…The Weaver Of Words

the link to Carolina’s wonderful shop:

the link to the Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

memoir (2)

the link to the treasury:

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