the ride

This week’s words came from the Wonderfully Adventurous Tristan Bogaard. You can follow his adventures as he travels across Europe on Instagram and youtube at the below links.


Here’s Tristan Bogaard’s 15 words: Wave, Time, Run, Ride, View, Joy, Life, Cloud, Space, Clash, Fire, Fresh, Eye, Adventure, Power

And here’s the story I wrote using his words….

“the ride”

fresh air
open space
not a single cloud in view
as far as the eye can see
the sky a vastness of blue
muscles on fire
clashing against
the furthest edge of endurance
breaking through
powering up the mountain
riding waves
of pure joy
no sense of time
fully present
in the magnificence
of the moment
fully awake
fully aware
fully immersed
in this adventure
called life


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver Of Words

Here’s more info regarding Tristan’s adventures:

The website he uses for staying with people!

The bags on his bike:

The shirts he’s wearing!


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