…this week the words came from Cristina in the Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game….

…….here’s Cristina’s 15 words: supergirl, mine, music, courage, strong, beautiful, love, go ahead, success, no makeup, to encourage, hope, don’t cry, fight, black…….

……………and here’s the story and treasury that I created using her words……………..


she never meant
to be one
a supergirl
she simply meant
to mine her soul
for the beautiful music
that only she
could ever play


with no makeup
nothing to smear
it didn’t matter
if she chose to cry
and with a strong dash of courage
a sprinkle of encouragement
a tablespoon of hope
and a generous serving of love
she told herself
to go ahead
she told herself
to simply relax
and to just


it wasn’t about
being a success
it wasn’t about
putting up a fight
it was simply
about listening
to her voice
to her inner truth
within the dark black
of her soul


and without
even trying
she realized that
she had become
her own amazing
truly unique
of herself
a true


even though
she couldn’t

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver of Words

link to Cristina’s shop:

link to the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt Game:

link to the treasury:

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