Just having a bit of fun with the 15 words that I picked for this week’s Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt….

….here’s my 15 chosen words: salvage, sanctuary, serene, shelter, shimmer, solitary, soul, sound, spirit, stars, stillness, story, sublime, sun, sweet, silence

…..and here’s my story snippet using those words….


beyond the
of the setting sun
underneath the shelter
of the night sky
lit by fairy lights
with a sweet twinkling of scattered stars


in that serene solitary space
within the sublime sound of stillness
she found sanctuary


in that place
she could salvage
her lost thoughts
silenced throughout the day


gathering the pieces
of her spirit
gathering the pieces
of her self
accessing her deepest secrets


listening to the whisperings
of the story
of her

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver of Words

link to treasury:

link to the Peppermint Creek Collective’s Scavenger Hunt Game:

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