the “A” story

This week the words came from near and far…

…….from Instagram, WordPress, from friends and family….from Ann, Anthony, Ashley, Barry, Beatriz, Diane, John, Justine, Lisa, Marthe, Sinead and Susan…. Thank you for your contributions.

…….I asked for words beginning with the letter “A” and I got them.

…………….Here are the “A” words that you gave me:

Acapulco, antithesis, atrocious, adoring, autumn, alphabet, abandon, appaloosa, antidote, apathy, abject, always, animal, altruistic, allude

…………………………..And here’s the story that I wrote using those words:

“the antidote”

she reached her limit on Thursday
reciting the alphabet backwards
used to calm her
as drivers fueled by road rage
swerved back and forth
all around her
changing from
swerving without
no signal lights
to allude to their unpredictable actions
she had enough of their abject ways
and the always atrocious
creeping crawl of traffic
on the 405
so on that autumn morning
she abandoned her commute
and took a u-turn to Acapulco
heading out to the antithesis of LA
to moonlit rides
bareback on an appaloosa
splashing in the surf
to lazy days of lounging on the beach
in the heat
of the noontime sun
to long
in which she savored
of spice
and the unlimited refills of salsa
and in the affection of local dogs
wandering into cantinas
she found
a simple antidote
to apathy
in her enjoyment
of a wag of a tail
from an altruistic

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…The Weaver of Words

the A story

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2 Responses to the “A” story

  1. Sinéad says:

    Absolutely awesome! What a lovely tale, you are so talented Susan!

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