the “B” Story

…once again the words came from near and far…from family, friends, Instagram, and a few random flips of the pages of a dictionary, they came from Ana, Apryl, Barry, Diane, Dominique, Elle, Heather, Regina, and Tami. Thank you all for your wonderful words….

………I requested a few “B” words from you, and here they are:

…….better, bliss, benevolent, bricks, beloved, bold, beauty, bestowed, brave heart, broom, bicycle, boat, burp, blossom, bannock, bounce, besiege, breathe……..

……and here’s the story that I wrote using those words…..

“brave heart”

Beatrice began
by leaving them a bit of bannock
and a vase with a few bell shaped blossoms
staying up well beyond her bedtime
she knew she was being bad
but she just couldn’t help herself
it was the only time she could watch
her beloved faeries at play
she had bestowed the name of brave heart
on the boldest one
while the mass of fairies besieged each other
in a benevolent game of strife
riding a flurry of brooms, bicycles, and boats
brave heart would climb up a stack of bricks
up above
way up high
and when she reached the very top
all the faeries would suddenly stop
and watch
as she jumped
and flitted
and floated
smashing down
with a messy slap of a belly flop
onto a plump balloon
ricocheting like a rocket
with beauty
and buoyancy
arching into a blissful back flip

one time against her better judgment
brave heart bounced
a little too high
and missed the balloon on her rapid descent
she fell to the floor
her face quickly turning blue
Beatrice yelled “breathe”
and all the faeries turned to stare
at her hidden spot
before returning to
brave heart
who suddenly snorted
stiffly stirred
and rose to her faerie feet
she opened her mouth
and let out a great big giant burp
releasing a billion blue bubbles
from her tiny throat
as her spunk
and her color

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver of Words

the b story

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