the “C” story

…here’s the “C” story…I hope you find it compelling…..

Thank you Barry, Diane, Katie, Tami and Zdenek for your wonderful words starting with the letter C.

Here’s the “C” words:

craving, chrome, cornucopia, convergence, camera, compact, contacts, casual, clean, cover, crocodile, cuddle, cubic zirconia, cannon ball, chuckle, calcite, creation

…and here’s the story I wrote using these “c” words….

“the escape”

it all started
with the convergence of her quest for freedom and her quest for fame
as her growing desire for freedom
collided with her continued craving for the trappings of fame

she wasn’t quite sure that she could
let go of
the cornucopia of food
that she was always offered on a daily basis
and she always had a place to stay
although it was somewhat compact
she referred to it as her “chrome cage” with a chuckle
it was covered and clean
with imitation calcite walls
and completely rent free

she loved the flash of the cameras
sparkling like cubic zirconia in the sunlight
she was always adored
and had multiple contacts with people
she couldn’t go anywhere without being followed
although the interactions were casual and superficial
and she longed for a more real connection
she wanted to cuddle with her own kind

so one day
when his back was turned
as she was devising
the creation of a escape plan
her cage shook and shuddered
like a blast from a cannon ball
she seized the sudden
and slithered past her keeper
to the unexpected freedom
that had always tempted her
but was always denied

and the next day
the news of her escape
hit the front page
as it told the story
of a famous crocodile
escaped from the local zoo
during a major earthquake
her current location
was unknown

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver Of Words

FullSizeRender (21)

….I found this lovely dish at Rodger’s Gardens….


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