the “D” story

…the D words came from near and far, from family, friends and social media. Thank you to all who made a D word donation….

…here’s the list of D Words: definitive, darling, door, dolabriform, disturb, dirk, delightful, dependable, disingenuous, damselfly, daffodil, dandelion, daisy, daring, daydream, dog, destiny, dust

….and here’s the story that I wrote using these words….can you find where each word is imbedded in the story snippet?…..

“the other side”

she normally
would never have been there
at this time of day
except for the fact
that she was deeply disturbed
by a disingenuous act
so the botanist took refuge
in a place where she always felt comforted
and at peace
surrounded by the beauty of nature
among the flora
that she knew by name
and loved so very well
and as she removed her dirk
to cut an exquisite specimen
of a dolabriform leaf
she saw it
a darling dainty damselfly
with its wings neatly folded up
sunning itself on a nearby daisy
the damselfly appeared to be watching her
or so she thought
she wasn’t quite
when the damselfly
had her complete attention
it flew forward
landing on dandelion
then a daffodil
moving forward
down the dusty path
its actions were dependable
periodically stopping to stare
at her
with dogged determination
as if daring her to follow
completely curious
with this enchanted endeavor
she couldn’t help
but follow the hops and the stops
of this delightful winged creature
losing track of time
and her sense of place
the damselfly
finally landed
on a worn stone step
at the base of a primitive wooden door
carved with strange symbols
the door was in the middle
of an ancient mossy wall chiseled from stone
the door had been left
so very slightly open
and from the sliver
of the opening
she could feel a surge of power
the weight and tingle
of something she could only describe
as magic
it felt like a daydream
but she knew it was real
she had a powerful feeling that her true destiny
lay in the strange land
through the portal of the doorway
and without a second thought
she pushed it open
and passed through the door
into another life
way back
on the other side…

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver of Words

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I found the above beautiful “D” Journal at Anthropologie

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