the elf

The “E” Story

….once again the words came from near and far, from Instagram, from WordPress, from friends and family…thank you to everyone who donated words…..

…here’s the “E” words that you picked: euphonium, euphoric, euphemism, excitement, eclipse, ebony, elderly, elf, enterprise, epiphany, entropy, elegant, ephemeral, elastic, elaborate, ego, emerald…

……here’s the story snippet that I wrote using your “E” words…can you find where each word is embedded in the tale….

“the elf”

he was at the top of his game
creating the most elaborate enchanted euphoniums
brass instruments with a tone
so incredibly buoyant and ethereal
the melody simply swirled and glided through the air
shimmering softly with sparks of magic
the elf’s enterprise was unequaled
throughout the vast expanse of the emerald forest
he was the go-to elf
for so very many, many years
until one day
when a wave of excitement and a new crop of talented upstarts
appeared on his path
they referred to the elf
as “elderly”
it was a stark word
not buffered by polite euphemism
it was a word that cut deeply into his ego
he started to feel the entropy of age
a loss of elasticity in movement
his business
fully eclipsed
by savvy social media marketing
and videos gone viral
the elf sat on the sidelines
in the stillness of the ebony shadow
of his rapidly fading former fame
and as he remained
after so many years
of rushing
to here
to there
within the deepest depths
of darkness
he had a flash of understanding
an ephemeral euphoric epiphany
elegant in it’s simplicity
yet astoundingly
better than youth
better than fame
he realized that the feeling
he had always been
searching for
but never found
was when he sat
at rest
and felt
enveloped by
an enormous expanse
of peace

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver of Words

the e story

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2 Responses to the elf

  1. ~ carmen ~ says:

    I like the whimsy of this little story. The alliteration is alluring. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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