the ” F ” story

the F story

…thank you to everyone who contributed a “f word” to the cause…

…here’s the words:

farfalla, farmstead, frank, fulminate, funny bone, forever, freesia, flash, fulfillment, fizzle, flame, fandango, funky, funny, feeble, Fernando

………….and here’s the story snippet…………….

“Fernando’s funky fandango”

tapping his toes
swaying his hips
Fernando had been forever obsessed
with the fast Latin beat
until he finally reached his flash point
in the middle of unloading a bale of hay
on the farmstead
as the radio blasted his favorite fandango
it ignited a burning flame of passion within him
and his body fulminated
exploding into a far-flung funky form of dance
flapping his arms like wings
he flitted and fluttered across the barnyard floor
with feeble footwork
that tickled the funny bone
of his Italian friend
and when the dance finally fizzled out
and Fernando’s fulfillment was complete
he awarded him
with a fresh picked freesia
in appreciation
and after careful consideration
he handed down his frank assessment
labeling the funny unique moves as
“the farfalla”

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver Of Words

IMG_4792 (3)

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2 Responses to the ” F ” story

  1. glasspony says:

    Oh how darling! The Farfalla! Lovelovelove this flitful fluttering. Pure delight!

    Thank you for including my word!!
    xo from… a butterfly.

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