“the crystal ball”

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to write a “story snippet” with the words that I chose for the Peppermint Creek Collective Scavenger Hunt this week….

…here’s the words: calligraphy, candle, carved, castle, cat, cauldron, cedar, celestial, chalice, child, cloth, conceal / clandestine, copper, courtyard, crystal ball….

…………..and here’s the “story snippet” that I wrote using those words…………………..

“the crystal ball”

she had been warned
she knew she should never have peered
into the crystal ball
but its lure
was just too great
like a curious child she couldn’t resist
that which was forbidden


she entered the castle
by concealing herself
under a cloth
in the back of the dressmakers wagon
she slipped out
as the cart reached the cobblestone courtyard

the room was not difficult
to find
she simply followed the scent of cedar
burned for cleansing
and protection
heading down the long hallway
the flame of her candle
shifted and swayed
with each draft
as she passed one door
then the next


she felt the pull of magic
when she finally reached it
the ancient door to the room
was finely carved and covered with celestial figures
although the night was cold
the door handle which was cast in copper
was warm to the touch
she had the strange feeling
that she was expected

for a moment
she considered retreating
but she could not
she pulled the handle
the heavy door was built from solid wood
yet it swung open
and effortlessly


the chamber was a round room
a cauldron was bubbling in the flames
of the fireplace
and the middle was a round table
a grey cat purred and rubbed against the legs

the table held
a spell book with ornate calligraphy
a wine bottle and chalice
and the crystal ball
flickering with
the flames
of fire


written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…The Weaver Of Words

link to the Etsy Treasury:

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2 Responses to “the crystal ball”

  1. way cool story once again, love your writing!

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