the signs

I’ve been very busy lately, but I just couldn’t resist picking a few words for a quick snippet.

Here’s 15 words that I randomly picked from my “fairy tale” snippet kit:

haunt, fire, earth, equinox, adventure, talisman, totem, gather, phantom, wise woman, magic, fairy tale, illusion, symbol, full moon

And here’s the snippet that I wrote using those words:

“the signs”

she wasn’t sure if she was gathering
or if it was simply following her
like a lonely phantom
haunting her footsteps

it was as if she had set off
some sort of sacred
calling forth the energy of the
and spirit

in her dreams
she had uttered words
spoken by the wise woman
in an ancient tongue
unleashing the sequence of events
in a deep slumber

and as the equinox quickly approached
with the passing of each full moon
she began to notice
the symbols
the signs
each omen warning her
of what was yet to come
at first she thought it was an illusion
but when she discovered the worn talisman
a simple yet powerful totem
left on her doorstep
as if to prepare her for the adventure ahead
she finally realized

it was no fairy tale

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith


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