the writing on the wall

This week the words came from a special place……literally from the writing on the wall……

…………The lovely tea shop “The Hollow” in Nelson, New Zealand has delicious tea, cozy seats, warm hospitality and the most awesome “word wall”…. these 15 words come from that wall…if you are ever in Nelson, be sure and have a cup of tea and leave your word on their wall.

Here’s the words:

free spirit, redden, compassion, sparkle, curve, unknown, love, petrichor, lollygag, halcyon, obstreperous, ponderous, fugacious, vexatious, weft

and here’s the “story snippet” that I wrote using those words…

“the muse”

she had always been a
free spirit
as the first drops
of rain fell
on the cracked earth
she would rush outside
to inhale the petrichor
the scent of the soul of the earth
released as it renewed itself
each spring

she never worked
only played
and though it was vexatious to me
her timeline was her own
much of it was spent
as the sun slowly set
at just the right angle
a few shards of fugacious light
sparkling inside the crystal
set upon the window sill

sometimes I would try
to go it alone
but after a few ponderous sentences
and a released expletive or two
reddened with obstreperous exasperation
I knew I couldn’t venture
out into the unknown
without her

so I tossed her a curve
weaving in a bit of love
and a weft filled with a great expanse of compassion
and with a light touch
and a sense of playful delight
she lead me back
to halcyon times
as the pen flowed freely
buoyant with her
ethereal energy
and her simple

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver of Words

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1 Response to the writing on the wall

  1. The Hollow says:

    This is lovely!
    And the exact reason we wanted a space like The Hollow… to inspire.

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