the vision

…this time i chose a few words relating to
the element of * w a t e r *
for my current “story snippet”….

here’s the words:


and here’s the story snippet that i wrote using those words…..

“the vision”

i had always been sensitive
i had always been psychic
even as a small child i was able to see things

i was able to scry
before i even knew what the word meant

i always had the ability to see images in pools of water
visions of things that soon became real

peering deep into a chalice filled with wine
i could see an impending duel
i felt the explosive rage
the heavy breath
and the sweat and shake
of each pace and step
i knew who would win
and i knew
who would

in the kitchen
with one glance into a pot
bubbling with chicken broth
i could tell who would be lovers
i could feel the intense emotional attachment
and i knew whether or not there would be a child
i knew if it would be a slight boy
with black hair and soulful brown eyes
or if it would be an adventurous girl
with golden hair and eyes of blue

in the sanctuary
standing quietly
into the stillness of the holy water
i could see the ethereal light of angels
i could feel their deep compassion
and the constant all encompassing flow of their unwavering love
when i simply stood
and looked so deeply

i had always been able to see the images
feel the emotions
and know the meaning
of what i saw

until one day
when i was lost within the forest
i had wandered too far off
the earthen path

i came across a small still pool
fed by a narrow spring
the filtered sunlight sprinkled sparkles of light across the pool
which scattered into glittering shards
as a few faint bits of a breeze marred the smooth surface
the energy of the place felt odd to me
somewhat mysterious
and strangely
off center

i peered deep into the water
at first
it was simply black
i saw no images as i gazed into the still pool
i decided to refresh the surface by tossing in a small pebble
sometimes this worked to provide
greater clarity to an image

the tiny stone plunked into the center of the pool
d r o p
of water
into the air
back with a

the pebble floated
for a moment
then sank
into the deep dark water
and i heard
a strange sucking sound

the air felt heavy
with magic
i wanted to stay
i wanted to flee
but my curiosity was too strong
the mysterious pool revealed a set of surreal images
a flock of ravens circling in flight
hands raised
fires burning
voices muttering indistinct

i felt terror pounding in my heart
for once in my life
i didn’t understand what i saw
but i knew that the images
were real
it was not simply my imagination

i also instinctually knew
that the vision
demanded immediate action
i just wasn’t sure
what i
needed to do now……………..

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…. The Weaver of Words

……………………….…..weaving fibers & fables………….

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