the truth seeker

…it has been quite awhile since I released a new “story snippet”….this one isn’t perfect but that’s ok, it was time to release it and move on…..

….the words to this snippet relate to the element of  a i r . . . .

……A Great Big Thank YOU to everyone who donated such Lovely Words from Instagram @irishvikingdesigns @thatoldbluehouse @paigeboucher ……

…….here’s the words: air, wind, angel, sky, expanse, flight, wing, blade, divine, grace, ethereal, truth, restless, curious, spirit, free, infinite, wisp

……and here’s the “story snippet” that i wrote using these words……

“the truth seeker”

she was a restless
free spirited
sort of soul

one day
she decided to set out
to gather
the last
remaining bits of t r u t h

before they faded into e x t i n c t i o n ……

she found pieces
in words
in wisps of the wind

she saw its signs
in a great e x p a n s e of blue sky
as  p a s s i n g   c l o u d s   formed the ethereal wings of angels
slowly dissolving into mist and into  a i r . . . . . . .
she felt a wave of grace
as they took flight

on her great quest
she explored many places
and many things
both near and far

but she discovered the greatest truths
when she returned home
and sat very still
closing her eyes
and silencing her ever questing mind
cutting through the mental clutter
with the blade of intuition
as she simply listened
to her inner self
to her inner soul
and in the deep stillness

and after listening
and clearing her mind
and listening
and clearing her mind
l i s t e n i n g

in the divine darkness
she began to sense
the serene swell
of her infinite inner wisdom
as it nudged her
and began to softly speak
its truth
in the language of feelings and knowings
from her inner self
and her inner soul

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith… the Weaver of Words

……………………….…..weaving fibers & fables………….


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