a story snippet: a fireside tale

….ok, so here’s the final story snippet…………………….

Here’s the theme: a fireside tale

Here’s the chosen words: night, gossamer, enchanted, horseman, stir, roam, huddle, whisper, misconstrue, firefly, embers, stranger, undulate, scary, stories

And here’s the story snippet that I wrote using these words….

……a fireside tale

i had always been able
to read fire
to see the symbols & signs
in the curves of the crackling flames

but on this night
something felt different
something felt slightly off
as if the energy had subtly s h i f t e d…..

this night
as i sat before the fire
i had to stare into the light for a long



long time

before i saw

usually when i gazed into the flames
i saw multiple images
this night
there was just one

a solitary horseman

i knew the scary stories
of the four horseman
but this was only one

usually when I saw a symbol
the meaning had been so easy to understand
but on this night
although i tried and tried
i just couldn’t figure
it out

i heard the wise woman’s words whispered in my head
do not misconstrue the signs
she had told me
you must roam far beyond your greatest fears
to discover the depths of truth
that only you can find
you must dare to follow
the sometimes illusive
sometimes dangerous
path of the

i felt
a sudden
bone deep weariness
so i closed my eyes for a moment
and slipped off into a deep slumber

i woke with a start
close to midnight
the room was cold
the fire had fallen
transformed into glowing embers

i felt the sticky drift of magic floating in gossamer waves…..
i tried not to breathe in the incantations
spells that hung in the air
heavy and dark

i quickly cast
a circle of protection around me
i found it odd that i had forgotten
to fully shield myself
as I always did

the night became even stranger
as the blinking bits of ember shifted and stirred
but there was no draft

the room was filled with an unearthly stillness

i felt a pulse of enchantment
as the embers began undulating
they levitated out of the fireplace
one by o n e
lifting up and s p r e a d i n g out
like a night sky full of stars

the embers gathered together
huddling close
like a cluster of fireflies blinking
in the cold clear
twilight air

the embers hovered for a moment
as if they were capable of contemplation
before moving toward the door
in a blinking trail of light

they sifted outside one by one through the keyhole
the last one stopping and hovering
as if to ask me
aren’t you coming?

i heard in my head the wise woman’s words
you must dare to follow
the greatest path
of light

and as the last ember slipped through the key hole
I decided to follow them
stepping outside into the wilderness

heading outside into the night
following the blinking line embers
into the forest far

Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….The Weaver of Words
………….weaving fibers & fables………………

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