finally. yes, this one took awhile….a fireside tale: the horseman

Ok, here’s the new “story snippet” – with vacation, work and stressing out about our country that I love so very deeply, it took me awhile to write this.

But of course, I love writing so very much, I had to get back to it.

Here’s the words that a few wonderful people suggested * Thank you *-  along with a few fairytale themed words that I drew at random from a hand carved wooden bowl:


and here’s the story snippet that I wrote using these words.

Can you locate each word within the snippet?….


“a fireside tale: the horseman”

i followed the tiny blinks of light
of the traveling trail of enchanted embers
as it s t r e t c h e d
f a r
f a r
a w a y
and down
the earthen path

the moon was a thin crescent of light

hanging high

in the silence of the night sky
it was a slight sliver away
from a complete eclipse into the darkness of the new moon

i should have needed a lantern
but the forest was filled with an odd unnatural glow
as if the environment was manipulated by a force of will

it reminded me of
the wise woman’s tale
she spoke of a powerful weaver
a man who could bend the natural elements
grasping a wisp of air
casting a curl of flame
grounding layers of intent deep within the earth
calling forth the drip and drop of water until it rushed forth in swirling torrents
binding the four elements in a spell
with a sticky web of words

for good
for evil

the wise woman cautioned me
the weaver was often reckless and vengeful

take great care
she told me
of that which you chose to put out into the world
for everything that you give
comes back at you
three times

with the full force
of the magic
of three

chose your words
and your deeds
she told me

for with great power
you have a great responsibility
use it wisely
use it well
i thought about her words
as i followed the trail of blinking embers
but the further that they travelled down the trail
the more difficult they became to see
as the trail of light began
to sag
to dip
to dim
and darken

i could barely discern the lights when we reached a large clearing
a meadow with an ancient oak tree
it was a place where i always felt an ethereal power
it was a high and holy spot
at the base of its

the blinking embers left the path
and circled the great oak tree
up and down
round and round
and as they circled it
the lights brightened
and became buoyant once again
sparkling and shimmering
it felt uplifting and celebratory

round and round they traveled
up and down
in rotating streams of light
and when the embers
reached the height of their brightness
they slowly unwound from the tree trunk
lining up at its base
one by one

i followed the trail of embers

as they headed across the expansive meadow
and when they reached the furthest edge
they paused
pooling in a blinking circle of light
as if to gather courage
for the dark forest beyond
was different
it was a mysterious place
greatly feared
and known for its deep enchantment

i had never dared to enter it

as i reached the edge of the meadow
i also stopped
and tried to remain calm
as i watched the embers moving
very slowly
into the dark forest
one by one

no. no. please.
i whispered
as if they could hear

i felt the creep and clutch of terror close tightly around my heart

i felt a faint whisper of chill on the breeze behind me
i felt a prickle of fear slither up the back of my neck
i felt a presence, an energy so very, very close
right next to me
i froze
couldn’t move
couldn’t breathe
i stood completely still for a sliver of a moment
like a fawn frozen on the forest floor

and then
the presence disappeared
swirling a w a y

my breath burst back
i heaved air back into my lungs
i instinctively reached up to touch my protective talisman
around my neck

it was g o n e

i tried to stay calm
i tried to breathe
my heart was pounding, pounding, p o u n d i n g
i tried to remember the last time i felt my talisman
i remembered stepping out of my cottage
i stopped to touch my talisman at the threshold before stepping outside
as i always did
assuring myself of the unseen protective force accompanying me
into the darkness of the night

i thought about heading back
as i watched the last embers
disappear into the dark forest
i knew i had to decide quickly
the trail would soon
be gone

i panicked
this was my one chance
i was given this extraordinary opportunity to discover deep truths
and i must take it
it felt as if it was something i simply must do
i couldn’t turn back

like a reckless dive into the cold clear mountain lake
i tried not to think
simply acting
plunging into the dark forest
following the very last blinking ember
and stepped into the dense forest

i was slammed by the full force of magic

the air was heavy with incantations
of an ancient tongue
the flow of words felt unnatural
as if sentences were traveling backwards
it felt as if a spell had been cast
but each word that created it
was being pulled back
one by one

the words were being sucked into a swirling vortex
traveling backwards to the origination
to the very moment before
the spell was

i struggled against the pull
as i was sucked into the spiral of sentences
the embers began to sway and shimmer
i felt dizzy and weak
i stumbled onto the thick moss on the forest floor
i felt sick
i shut my eyes
trying to stop the spinning

i dreamt a dizzy dream
at first the images were scattered and erratic
i tried to focus on the fluid flow
slowing the swirling surge of images

a white wolf
an apple orchard under the full moon
the crackle and scratch of writing on parchment
hands reaching out
a soft sigh

and then

a cloaked hooded horseman kneeling among ancient ruins
bowing on the broken stone floor
as if before a princess
but there was only light
so very bright
and shimmering

the last set of images felt profoundly prophetic
i knew that i knew
this time
this place
yet i had never ever
been here

written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith….the Weaver of Words

……..weaving fibers & fables……………….



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