the crystal ball ….continued

At my husband’s suggestion, I decided to continue my story snippet “The Crystal Ball” a few steps forward, so I chose the following word prompts to add on to the tale:

Word prompts:


Included below is my first story snippet expanded with the additional installment….

“the crystal ball”

i had been warned
i knew i never should have peered into the crystal ball
but its lure
was just too great

like a curious child
i couldn’t resist
that which was

i entered the castle
by concealing myself under a cloth
in the back of the dressmakers wagon
i slipped out
as the cart reached
the cobblestone courtyard

the room was not difficult to find
i simply followed the scent of cedar
burned for cleansing and protection
heading down the long hallway
the flame of my candle
shifted and swayed
with each draft
as i passed
one door
the next

i felt the pull of magic
when i finally
reached it

the ancient door
was finely carved
and covered with celestial figures
and although the night was cold
the door handle which was cast in copper
was warm to the touch

i had the strange feeling
that i was


for a moment
i considered retreating
but i could not

i pulled the handle
the heavy door was built from solid wood
yet it swung open
silently and effortlessly

the chamber was a round room
a cauldron was bubbling in the lit fireplace

in the middle of the room
was massive round table built from an ancient oak
the table top was cross-cut from the trunk
taken from the heart of the majestic tree
centuries worth of growth rings
expanded outward to the curved edge of the table
the edge was left rough with the original bark
of the great oak tree

a black cat purred and rubbed
against the thick carved legs of the table

the table held
a spell book handwritten in ornate calligraphy
a wine bottle
a chalice

and the crystal ball

flickering with the flames of fire

i thought of Maven
the elusive storyteller & wise woman
she had warned me of its power

for some
Maven told me
the crystal ball meant nothing
it was simply a fascinating fable

for others
especially those with an affinity for magic
the crystal ball’s impact
was very real
and it’s lure
would become
an obsession

the crystal ball would haunt their dreams
and waking hours
calling to them
seeking them
drawing them in

like a spider
like a weaver of fates
the crystal ball wove an elaborate web
delicate thin threads
that were

for the crystal ball

Maven said

gave the gift or the curse
of personal prophesy

not only did it tell the future
it propelled the seeker
into an epic journey
from which there was
no turning

i wasn’t sure how this happened

Maven said
it was different
every time

the crystal ball
continued to hold my gaze
i tried to look away
but i could not

i tried to force myself to step backward
but i could not
i stood still
i stood firm

i tried to close my eyes
to stop staring
at the flames flickering inside
the translucent ball
i could not

my line of sight
was fixed

i felt my heart pound
with fascination
and panic

i gave up all illusions of control
the crystal ball was in full command

i continued to stare at
the flames of the fireplace reflected within the crystal ball
like the shifting shapes of clouds
in a fluid movement the flames morphed
into of a troupe of delightful dancers
agile and quick
the figures began



faster and faster


faster and faster

i felt as if i was drawn directly into the vortex of the dance

as it increased speed
i became
dizzy and disoriented

i steadied myself
by leaning against the tabletop
touching the worn wood rings
of the ancient oak

as my head continued to spin
i barely noticed
the crystal ball as it slowly rolled
across the table
toward me

somewhere deep inside
i vaguely remembered

Maven’s warning

whatever you do
she told me
do not touch
the crystal ball

i tried to pull my hand away
but i could not

i was too dizzy to step away

i felt the crystal ball’s cold surface
as it rolled to a stop
at the tip of my finger

within a wink of time
it happened

the wood of the tabletop decayed and dropped away
the wine bottle and chalice smashed into a shower of sparkling shards
the crystal ball fell to the floor with a thud
the spell book slid across the room and into the fireplace

the black cat hissed and arched it’s back

i stumbled to the floor

flames leapt out of the fireplace and ignited the walls

the walls
the ceiling
the floor
and all the contents of the chamber
like a distant mirage
solid objects
became translucent
and then disappeared

i found myself
in the middle of a forest
it was night
and the moon began to rise

i tried to determine
where i was
but there were no signposts

in the back of my mind i heard Maven’s words

the crystal ball will propel the seeker into an epic journey

i knew i was on the path now
and i also knew
there was
turning back…………………..

Written by Susan Eileen Jizba
Weaver & Wordsmith…The Weaver of Words


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